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Projects that have actively used

Name Institution
Project owned by testbed administrators iMinds
80211ac experimentation ibcn-UGent-iMinds
Account registration for the RIMECODE open-call Fed4FIRE-SME-1 VCI S.A. Innovative IT Solutions
Acoustic Sensor Networks Ghent University - IBCN - iMinds
admin stuff UGent - iMinds
All student related projects are grouped in this project. Ghent University - IBCN - iMinds
Cognitive Access and Rendezvous Experiments Paris Descartes University
Conference Systems with LTE IBCN
Demo Final Review University of Thessaly
Eligo AGV project IBCN
Evaluation of RF-based indoor localization solutions Ghent University - IBCN - iMinds
Experiment-based validation of Control Channels for Cognitive Radio Systems WINGS ICT Solutions
EXPerimenting and Researching Evolutions of Software-defined networking over federated test-bedS (experiment on OpenLab) University of Rome "Tor Vergata" / CNIT
First experiment on w-iLab.t zwijnaarde IBCN Intec Ugent
FORGE compliant courses on w-ilab.t Universiteit Gent
Fostering innovation based research for e-Montenegro University of Montenegro
Furthering Airborn Cognitive Radio Technologies, CREW Open Call 3 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
ICON GreenWeCan iMinds - PATS
Integrate OMF to Nepi Institut National de la Recherche en Informatique et Automatique
Moban practicas Ghent Univerisity - iMinds
mobile testbed exp IBCN Intec Ugent
OMF experiments iMinds
Quality of Service in Cognitive Netwromks Gent University
Remote Experimentation for WLAN labs Trinity College Dublin
SandS project Arduino
SAViNE aims at implementing virtual network embedding (VNE) algorithms refined with the integration of social metrics, for solving the surrogate placement problem in a Content Delivery Network National Technical University of Athens
set of benchmarking tools to aid reliable comparison of wireless experiments University of Gent
SIRI is an CREW OC3 experiment Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
Wireless sensor networks ibcn-UGent-iMinds
Other projects registered on Emulab.Net:
Name Institution
Coplasm ICON Ghent University - IBCN - iMinds
dummy project for visitors / demo usage IBCN
Holding Project for geni slices -- DO NOT DELETE Any University
Mobility performance Evaluation of Mesh rOuting protocols RouteK SL
MPTCP Florida international university
testing of reservation with myslice UPMC
tests for selvie IBCN - iMinds
WiSHFUL project for testlab experimentation Ghent University - IBCN - iMinds